You recall Nigerian rapper, Olamide aka Baddo Sneh, couple of weeks ago, said his upcoming album, “Unruly” would be his last music project.

Olamide, who stated this in various social media platforms, said the album was 95 percent ready.

The rapper, who came into prominence in the 2010s, said no date has been fixed for the release of the album. He wrote:

“Next Album, #Unruly; 95% ready. Release date; I don’t know

Taking my time to make it the best ever… probably my last album.”

“Though I’ll drop singles once in a blue moon when I feel like it. It’s been a mad ass run; giving albums back-to-back.”

Just this Friday morning, APRIL 1st, we got the news that he finally quit music.

April F**l! I dey my house come and beat me. Bye😂